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We are a loving home. Our Mastiffs are our family members. They live in the house with us and live amongst us.  They are crate trained for night time and dinner time...but other than that...they are roaming the house whenever we are home.



Mom & Dad to our Puppies:

Diva is the mom of this litter. She is 6. Our vet and us were certain she couldn't get pregnant again as she had missed 2 complete cycles. But God had other plans and blessed this Natural Born Mom one last litter. She averages 130 lbs.  Hayden is our Brindle boy. He averages 200. He is a mellow boy! Only afraid of butterflies and our He is very regal and loving! He is 2.


Mastiffs are a loving and loyal breed. Their size is intimidating to those that don't know them, making them excellent for security. But they are just big babies! Mastiffs DO NOT and should not be trained to attack. They are very menacing in size but to their families...they will do nothing but want to please you and love you and be with you! They are excellent choices for children and other animals. They are INDOOR babies too! Ours sit at our feet at night while watching tv so they can get their heads scratched.


Please read more about them and if interested contact us...we want to share the love and loyalty that this breed of gentle giants has to offer.


Check out our facebook page where we have a folder for every puppy that has sold...including pics of their new families and the fun they are having in their new homes.  As long as we continue getting pics of them...we will update them into that litters folder and continue watching them grow and being loved!


Diva and Thor's babies pictures are there also...listed by litter but again with pictures of them as they have aged as well!


We currently have 3 boys and 2 girl available for adoption!   1 female Brindle...3 male Fawn and 1 female Fawns.


Puppies are 1000 each with Full Unlimited AKC registration, age appropriate shots/worming. You will NOT regret getting a Big Dawg Baby...they will provide you with years of fun, snuggles, love and slobbery kisses!


WE DO NOT SHIP! We feel that putting a baby into a crate with strangers that will see them for a short time and then transfer them to some other strangers is cruel. Noone knows how they will be treated with shippers either!  We want our babies to go from their family to their new family as to minimize the trauma to them. You will have to come to Memphis, TN area to pick-up your puppy!






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